Fmoc Monomers

PNA Bio offers Fmoc-A(Bhoc)-aeg-OH, Fmoc-G(Bhoc)-aeg-OH, Fmoc-C(Bhoc)-aeg-OH, and Fmoc-T-aeg-OH, as well as AEEA linker Fmoc-AEEA-OH.

They are provided >97% purity and have high solubility in both aqueous and organic solvent.

The monomers are packaged in 1 g or 2 g sizes

                          We guarnatee the lowest pricing on PNA Fmoc monomers.

PNA Fmoc monomer

Fmoc monomer A (FMA-1001)

PNA Fmoc monomer

Fmoc monomer C (FMC-1001)

PNA Fmoc monomer

Fmoc monomer G (FMG-1001)

PNA Fmoc monomer

Fmoc monomer T (FMT-1001)

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PNA monomers are packaged as 1g or 2g size bottles.

Catalog No Item Description Size Price
FMA-1001 Fmoc A monomer Fmoc-A(Bhoc)-aeg-OH 1 g / 2 g Inquire
FMG-1001 Fmoc G monomer Fmoc-G(Bhoc)-aeg-OH 1 g / 2 g
FMC-1001 Fmoc C monomer Fmoc-C(Bhoc)-aeg-OH 1 g / 2 g
FMT-1001 Fmoc T monomer Fmoc-T-aeg-OH 1 g / 2 g
FMO-1001 Fmoc AEEA linker Fmoc-AEEA-OH 1 g / 2 g

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