Fmoc Monomers

PNA Bio offers PNA Fmoc monomers, which are building blocks for PNA oligomers.

  • For A base: Fmoc-A(Bhoc)-aeg-OH (CAS No 186046-82-2)
  • For G base: Fmoc-G(Bhoc)-aeg-OH (CAS No 186046-83-3)
  • For C base: Fmoc-C(Bhoc)-aeg-OH (CAS No 186046-81-1)
  • For T base: Fmoc-T-aeg-OH (CAS No 169396-92-3)
  • For AEEA linker (also called O linker or eg1 linker): Fmoc-AEEA-OH (CAS No 166108-71-0)
  • They are provided >97% purity and have good solubility in both aqueous and organic solvent such as DMF and NMP. The PNA Fmoc monomers provided by PNA Bio are guaranteed for higher reactivity and a better yield for PNA oligomer synthesis.

    The monomers are packaged in 1 g or 2 g sizes. They are usually shipped the same day as the order is received for the next day delivery.

    For pricing, please send a quote request to or click here for filling out an inquiry form.

                              We guarantee the high quality and the lowest pricing on PNA Fmoc monomers.

    PNA Fmoc monomer

    Fmoc monomer A / FMA-1001
    (CAS No: 186046-82-2)

    PNA Fmoc monomer

    Fmoc monomer C / FMC-1001
    (CAS No: 186046-81-1)

    PNA Fmoc monomer

    Fmoc monomer G / FMG-1001
    (CAS No: 186046-83-3)

    PNA Fmoc monomer

    Fmoc monomer T / FMT-1001
    (CAS No: 169396-92-3)

    PNA Bio also offers a custom PNA oligo synthesis service. If you are interested in custom PNA, please visit our Custom PNA Oligos for more details.

    Please email a quotation request or questions to

    PNA monomers are packaged as 1g or 2g size bottles.

    Catalog No Item Description Size Price
    FMA-1001 Fmoc A monomer Fmoc-A(Bhoc)-aeg-OH 1 g / 2 g Inquire
    FMG-1001 Fmoc G monomer Fmoc-G(Bhoc)-aeg-OH 1 g / 2 g
    FMC-1001 Fmoc C monomer Fmoc-C(Bhoc)-aeg-OH 1 g / 2 g
    FMT-1001 Fmoc T monomer Fmoc-T-aeg-OH 1 g / 2 g
    FMO-1001 Fmoc AEEA linker Fmoc-AEEA-OH 1 g / 2 g

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